There is no great way to inform you that, sadly, the service at Protein Card has come to an end.

We are so grateful for the understanding and support we’ve received from the customers who have already been in touch. We're shocked and humbled at the kindness and compassion given.

So what happened you may be asking? Well, this all occurred after the summer re-launch in 2016, the web development team created and launched a site that was un-usable and highly glitchy for months.

Many of you, understandably, stopped using the service in this time which consequently created a financial strain and left us with no choice but to close

We didn't want to leave you without any discounts going forward, which is why it has taken a little longer to make the announcement. We spoke with all our partners and GoNutrition® and LiveLean have kindly stepped in to help. They've re-created all of our most popular deals, made exclusively for Protein Card members.

Wishing you all the best in your training, health and life.

Rick and the rest of the Protein Card Team

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GoNutrition® have developed GN Pro™ especially for you. It's an awesome service with the best deals and you get 12 months access absolutely FREE - plus a free shaker with every single order!

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LiveLean work tirelessly to provide you with the very best produce, combining quality with value to bring you the best deals possible! Including a huge 5kg Chicken for a ridiculously cheap £18.95!

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